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Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children and Families

Monique Gray Smith is an inspiring International speaker, award winning author, and sought after consultant.

Her first novel, Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience recently won the Burt Award for First Nation, Métis and Inuit Literature.

She is also the author of acclaimed educational resource: The Ripple Effect of Resiliency: Strategies for Fostering Resiliency with Indigenous Children.

This workshop will be engaging and educational and will be of interest to anyone working with Aboriginal children, youth and families.

This engaging and inspiring workshop will provide a unique lens into the importance of focusing on resiliency in our work with Indigenous children and families.

We will begin with an overview on how stress & trauma impact physical and emotional wellness and why we may see various behavioural disruptions and challenges.

We will look at our history as Aboriginal people in Canada and how this history continues to influence the wellness of our children and families.

We will explore the 4 Blankets of Resiliency:

Strong sense of
- Self
- Family
- Community
- Culture, language and connection to the land

In closing, participants will have an opportunity to explore strategies to weave the 4 Blankets of Resiliency into their own practice.

Workshop Outline

- Opening circle and introductions

- The difference between stress and trauma and their impact on the body

- How stress and trauma affect a child's physical and emotional state and why we may see various behavioral disruptions from children

- Historical overview of Indigenous people in Canada and the continued impact on children and families today

- What is resiliency?

- What fosters resiliency with Indigenous children and strategies you can use

- Developing unique strategies to foster resiliency in your class, community program and/or services

- Closing circle

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Victoria, November 19
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
24 Carrot Learning
714 Discovery St.
(Upstairs in heritage building)

Vancouver, December 3
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
4th Floor, 535 Hornby St.


$195.00 (includes a copy of Tilly: A Story of Hope and Resilience)

For more information
or call 250 508-3786