Little Drum



Little Drum Consulting can facilitate a variety of learning or participatory sessions for your staff team, community members, Chief & Council/Board of Directors, or other forms of community partners. The sessions we currently offer are listed below; as well we are able to design a session to meet the unique needs of those who will be participating.


— Strategic Planning
— Graphic Facilitation for planning

Cultural Competency and Safety

Belief in the Strength and Resiliency of Indigenous People

Child, Family and Community Wellness

— Life Skills
— Cultural Competency
— Curriculum Development
— Team Building
— Tobacco Cessation Workshops
— Youth Workshops

Past Conferences


— BC Early Childhood Development Conference
— BC First Nations Provincial and Regional Conferences
— Aboriginal Head Start Provincial Conference
— Northern Region Training Conference
— Supported Child Development Regional Conference


— Assembly of First Nations: Health Directors National Forum, 2008
— National Women and Leadership Conference, 2004
— National Aboriginal Head Start Conference, 2002, 2004
— National Healing Conference, 2002
— Yellowknife Wellness Conference, 2001
— National Residential School Healing Conference, 2001


— Native Hawaiian Conference, Hawaii, 2005
— World Indigenous Healing Conference, Albuquerque, NM, 2002
— World Indigenous Conference on Healing , Edmonton 1992


From the Keynote speech at the Mission School District

"Keynote was awesome"

"Monique is Unique, she speaks from her heart"

"Monique was inspiring and motivational"

"The keynote was inspirational and set the tone for the day"

"Best Keynote speaker yet. Thank you!"